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Mince Meat Lasagna

Italian cuisine has developed through tons of social and political centuries but maintains its roots. Italian cuisines are best known for their regional diversity, each with a distinct taste. This is an easy recipe to prepare a fabulous non vegetarian Italian dishContinue Reading

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Easy Tangy Chicken

A readymade sauce, a handful of simple ingredients from your kitchen and some creativity, that’s all you need to whip up an awesomely delicious meal that’s quick to make and pleasing to the senses. This Easy Tangy Chicken recipe followsContinue Reading

Posted By Akanksha Gandhi

Tamil Style Beetroot Poriyal

Have you ever had Beetroot in a form other than salad or juice? If not, you’ll find this recipe for Spiced Beetroot (Tamil style Beetroot Poriyal) to be a refreshing change. Sauteed beetroot tossed in mild-strong spices, this dish isContinue Reading

Prawn Vindaloo
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Prawn Vindaloo

Here’s a dish for sea-food lovers! Prawn Vindaloo is a cuisine from Goa-India. Vindaloo means something quite spicy, so the name explains it all; this dish contains prawns cooked in a spicy sauce. This is a quick recipe and easy to makeContinue Reading

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Lemon Chicken

A treat for chicken lovers, this coriander flavored lemon chicken is a delicious mouth melting delicacy that can be served as a starter, snack or even as an accompanying item with a meal. Easy to make at home, it is a perfectContinue Reading

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Roasted Egg Masala

A different take on egg curry, this roasted egg masala is made the same way but results in a thicker gravy, and instead of boiled eggs, this dish has roasted eggs. Add in whole dry spices and this main courseContinue Reading