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Tadka Masoor Dal

Sometimes a simple dal can bring so much taste to everyday food. Dals are a major part of Indian Cuisine and they’re made in different forms all over the country. This recipe yields tasteful Tadka Masoor Dal that you canContinue Reading

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Vegetarian Manchurian

One of the most loved Indo-Chinese dish, this is an easy recipe to prepare restaurant style Vegetarian Manchurian at home. You can prepare it dry or with gravy. Dry Manchurian is usually served as an entrée or starter whereas Manchurian gravyContinue Reading

Cabbage Curry
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Cabbage Curry

If you’re not a big fan of cooked cabbage (because of its smell), this Cabbage Curry dish will surprise you with its aroma and crunchiness. Made in coconut oil, this vegetarian dish will remind you of authentic Kerala food. Give itContinue Reading

Veg. Chop Suey
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Veggie Chop Suey

Chop Suey, is usually eaten with fried rice or noodles and is served in almost every Chinese restaurant throughout India and in Indo-Chinese restaurants globally. It basically consists of vegetables in sweet and sour gravy along with deep fried crispyContinue Reading

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Tadka Chana Dal

One of the easiest dals to make, Tadka Chana Dal is quite common across homes in North India. Having chana (gram) as the main ingredient, this dal is healthy and filling. A variety of temperings (tadkas) can be added toContinue Reading

Meat Darbari
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Meat Durbari

Meat durbari, as evident by its name, was one of the favorite dishes of royal people of Mughal regime and was one of the most demanded delicacies by nawabs of Lucknow-India. This aromatic and yummy mutton delicacy is a favorite among most non vegetarianContinue Reading

Daal Baati
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Dal Bati

Dal bati is a traditional delicacy originated in Rajasthan-India and is very popular throughout northern India. This is a must make recipe during rainy season in traditional manner. This mouth watering cuisine is a complete meal in itself and is generallyContinue Reading