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Aate ka Halwa

The best part about a Halwa is that it can be cooked with any main ingredient. A variety of halwas are cooked in India, and most people make them on special occasions as they are considered auspicious. This is theContinue Reading

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Mexican Red Rice

Give your lunch a Mexican touch with this easy rice recipe. Add in any veggies you like such as corn, zucchini, mushrooms and give it your own twist. This is one rice dish that doesn’t need accompanying gravy. Perfect toContinue Reading

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Taro Leaf Snack

This is a delicious and light snack made with Arbi leaves which are also called Taro leaves. Dressed in a simple gram flour (besan) batter and double-cooked (steamed and fried), this snack is sure to make for a refreshing accompanimentContinue Reading