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Giving a good start to your morning is the best thing you can do to start your day positively. And it comes not only by following proper morning hygiene but also by having a healthy, energetic and tasty breakfast. It doesn’t have to be something heavy that makes you feel bloated all day; just something simple, light and healthy. And the best part is, since it’s the start of the day, the calories you consume can be burnt with your everyday routine.

During the years I was growing up, my parents always emphasized that I ate before going to school. Be it a glass of milk and some cookies, or something else that my mum cooked, they never let me and my brother leave for school without eating. And that too calmly, while sitting down. At that time we often used to get annoyed with this forced habit, but today as grown-ups we realize how beneficial that proved to be for us. Our energy levels were always up and we stood out in class, be it with regard to sports or studies or extra-curricular activities.

One obvious question that comes to our minds is that with whatever little time we have between waking up and setting off to work, what are the items that are quick to cook, fast to eat, and are also healthy?

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular quick-make, filling breakfast dishes that can give your morning a healthy & filling start

1. Eggs: I for one think that having eggs in the morning is great. You could have scrambled eggs, half-fried or even an omelet with toasted bread. Just this with a cup of hot coffee or tea would be enough if you’re looking for something quick to make and eat.

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2. Juice + Cereal + Tea/Coffee: If you like to have something filling yet light in the morning, you could start off with a glass of fresh juice followed by a bowl of cereal, a slice of toasted bread and a cup of coffee or tea. Cereal is especially popular with kids so you could keep colorful cereal boxes at home and have your children eat them before going to school.

3. Salad: Many people these days prefer having salads or fruits in the morning. It is actually a good way of supplying your body with fiber, nutrients and vitamins. Personally however, I feel that if one wants to keep their diet healthy, they should go for a wholesome meal in the morning and salads in lunch. This way not only will you have the feeling of a full stomach and feel energetic, whatever carbs or calories you take in with the breakfast will get ample time to be burnt.

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4. Oats / Porridge: Boiled oats or porridge is another good option for breakfast. It will also help you cut down on your coffee or tea volume during the day. A nice bowl of hot porridge makes for a filling and healthy breakfast option.

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In the rush of getting to work on time, most people either skip breakfast or just nibble something to give them temporary hunger relief. However, most of them find themselves rushing for everything and never calm down throughout the day. If you just squeeze in 15 minutes for sitting down and eating something good before you set off to work, you will find yourself much more relaxed and confident to handle your day.

Try it!

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