How To Include Superfoods In Diet

More and more people are trying to get fit and healthy these days. You can see this in the various exercise and diet trends that are seemingly popping up left and right. There’s been a big shift when it comes to living a healthier life. And seeing as bad diets kill more people than tobacco, we’re bound to see more of this moving forward.

One significant contribution that this fixation with health has brought to the limelight are superfoods. A superfood is defined as any food item with high nutrient density. Simply put, this means that you’ll be getting the most nutrients out of superfoods without eating a lot of it. Now, you may be wondering why we don’t see more of these types of foods in your typical diets. While there’s no way to say for certain why superfoods aren’t part of our everyday meals, one reason may be that people find it difficult to include these food items into the meals that they prepare. This is why we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you out with this. If you want to know more about this, read on to know how to seamlessly incorporate superfoods into your diet!

Açaí Berries

Acai Berries
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Açaí berries are indigenous to Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, and various other countries in South America. These berries are known for their distinct dark purple colour. What’s great about the açaí berry is that they’re loaded with fibre, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and even some calcium. These berries are pretty popular as people can often eat them as a snack or incorporate them into their dessert.

However, if you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate it into your everyday diet then an açaí berry smoothie may be your best bet. This way you can mix in other fruits and vegetables with your smoothie. All you’ll need to do is to throw the chosen ingredients into a blender. You can add either milk, some chilled yogurt, or a non-dairy alternative – and you’re good to go!

Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains
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Ancient grains were once touted to be the superfood of the future. Similar to the last entry on this list, ancient grains are also chock-full of nutrients. Ancient grains may contain protein, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, depending on the type of ancient grains you get. As an added bonus, ancient grains are a great alternative to modern grains that go through rigorous processing, which can often result in a loss of nutrients.

A great way to integrate ancient grains into your diet is through grain bowls. Of course, not everyone is accustomed to cooking and preparing ancient grains. An easy workaround would be to simply use a straightforward rice cooker. While some people may be intimidated if they’ve never cooked with these before, it’s important to note that even an inexpensive rice cooker can literally do all the work for you. There are so many to choose from, depending on if you want a complex or straightforward one. Your best bet is to go for a multi-purpose rice cooker that can cook just about any grain. One tip we can give you when cooking ancient grains is to put a little less water than recommended in the rice cooker, as it tends to keep in moisture compared to other ways of cooking. From there, it’s just a matter of choosing other toppings for your grain bowl, and you’re all set!


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There’s a reason why you were told to eat broccoli when you were a kid. The vegetable is one of the best sources of vitamins A, C, and K. It also contains folic acid, which helps your body produce and maintain new cells.

Now, you may be wondering why this vegetable is on this list, as it’s a pretty common ingredient. This is because many people are actually cooking broccoli in a suboptimal way. The main complaint about broccoli is its mushy texture, but this mostly stems from over steaming the broccoli. To remedy this, why not try roasting it instead? While it may not look it, broccoli actually contains a significant amount of natural sugar. Roasting it will caramelize these sugars, giving the bland veggie a sweeter taste and a crispier texture.

For more tips on turning these nutritious superfoods into delicious dishes, check out our recipe page!

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