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Punjabi Chhole

This is the recipe for making lip smacking Punjabi Chhole at home. This is a popular North Indian dish served at restaurants. It is the perfect party dish loved by kids and adults alike. Check out the Hindi version ofContinue Reading

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Falafel is a Middle-Eastern culinary food which is a deep fried ball or patty. This fried ball consists of ground chickpeas / fava beans or both and is usually served in a pita pocket or wrapped in a flatbread. TheseContinue Reading

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Chana Masala Sandwich

Easy to make, this Chana Masala Sandwich is yummy and filling. Stuffed with chickpeas cooked in tangy Indian spices, this dish is a must try for those who like a little spice in their meals. Perfect little appetizers that youContinue Reading

Stuffed Jalapeno Fritters
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Stuffed Jalapeno Fritters

Fritters are quite a popular snack and are prepared using various recipes with different ingredients to create immense varieties. What if we told you there was a way to make vegan fritters that are just as delicious!! Here’s an easy recipeContinue Reading

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Easy Beetroot Salad

Salads are evergreen and you don’t need to be a chef to make them. Just a little creativity and a knack for flavors, and you can turn chopped veggies into a beautiful, tasteful salad. That holds true for this easyContinue Reading

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Falafel Muffins

Falafel in baked muffin form – now that’s a new idea! Falafel is a common dish eaten throughout the Middle East, especially in UAE and has chickpeas as the main ingredient. This is a savory and delicious dish that canContinue Reading

Gol Gappe
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Gol Gappe (Pani Puri)

Pani Puri, Puchka, Batasha – all of these are synonyms of Gol Gappe which is a popular street food all over India. Fried puffed crispy suji balls filled with spicy-flavored water, Gol Gappe is a welcome snack at any timeContinue Reading

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Chhole Bhature

Deep fried bhatura served with spicy chhole, this dish makes for a typical breakfast or day time meal in North and Central India. Usually served with onions and pickle, it is a complete, filling meal and can be made quiteContinue Reading

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Raj Kachori

Sour, sweet, spicy, the Indian Raj Kachori is a unique combo of all these flavors. Yogurt, potatoes, veggies and more filled within a fried sooji covering make this popular snack a favorite for all. Here’s the recipe to make thisContinue Reading