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Karahi Chicken Curry

Karahi Chicken Curry is one of the easiest to make and most delicious chicken dishes. Originated in India, people all over the world like this dish which can be prepared with a thick masala gravy or a thin curry. Here’sContinue Reading

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Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Pizzas may be prepared with enormous varieties of toppings whether vegetarian or non vegetarian. This is an easy recipe to prepare pizza with barbecued chicken topping. It is an alternative to usual tomato sauce based pizzas which is sure toContinue Reading

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Creamy Chicken

Creamy chicken may be regarded as an alternative to Butter Chicken which is a popular chicken dish of North India. This is an easy recipe to prepare delicious creamy chicken at home. You’ll be able to witness a very simpleContinue Reading

Chicken Chow Mien
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Chicken Chow Mien

Chow Mien is a variety of stir-fried noodles tossed with vegetables and with or without meat or chicken. Chow Mien is popular throughout the Chinese diaspora and appears on the menus of all Chinese restaurants throughout the world. This isContinue Reading

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Chicken Salad Sandwich

Amongst the vast varieties of sandwiches, Chicken Sandwiches stand on top for non vegetarians. Chicken can be used in many forms to layer between two slices of bread. One of the most popular ones is chicken salad which may beContinue Reading

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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is one of the most popular and healthy breakfasts of the Western world. Some people say Eggs Benedict are a part of English cuisine, but the origin of this healthy recipe was actually in the United States andContinue Reading

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

My all time favorites, Burrito bowls are packed full of flavor, are easy to make and fill the tummy perfectly. Rice, black beans (rajma), salsa sauce, and choice of veggies or chicken make for the ultimate meal. Especially good forContinue Reading

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Saffron Risotto-alla-Milanese

Risotto is a staple Italian rice dish which is cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth may be obtained from meat, fish or vegetables. There are many varieties of risotto which are prepared using various additional ingredients andContinue Reading