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Posted By Ravi Talwar

Frozen Yogurt

The scorching heat needs something chilled to cool you down, and if it is a healthy food item, nothing like it. This recipe yields truly yum and chilled yogurt that will cool your mind and refresh your senses. Frozen yogurt isContinue Reading

Posted By Sukriti Taneja

Minty Avocado Dip

Refreshing appetizer dip, this minty avocado dip tastes good with fried as well as baked snacks and goes equally well with plain old nacho chips. Making it is a 5 minute task and it is perfect to be served to family,Continue Reading

Posted By Madhu Talwar

Cottage Cheese Croquettes

This is the recipe for veg croquettes with cottage cheese, onions, and green chili filling. Croquettes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This no potato version is delicious and very light. Super easy to make, thisContinue Reading

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Vegetable Rava Idli

Instant vegetable and rava (sooji) idli that’s a healthy breakfast or any time meal. Very easy and quick to make at home, this recipe yields delicious idlis that are loved by kids and adults alike. Cut them up into 4Continue Reading

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Raita Pakori

Among the wide range of raitas the pakori raita is a very popular, tasty and filling variant that is served generally at formal meals in India. This is made from soaked, ground and deep fried lentil dumplings beaten curd andContinue Reading

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Falahari Kadhi Pakoda

This dish is served during Navratras in India. Falahari kadhi is made with Samak rice flour and it gets its color from haldi. It tastes just like the usual gram flour (besan) kadhi. Team it up with Samak Rice Pulao for a completeContinue Reading

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Guava Papaya Smoothie

Smoothies are a recommended drink at breakfast time for a healthy start to the day. This is the recipe for a thick smoothie with papaya and guava which is awesome in taste and fragrance. Perfect to kill those morning hungerContinue Reading

Posted By Madhu Talwar

Chhole Bhature

Deep fried bhatura served with spicy chhole, this dish makes for a typical breakfast or day time meal in North and Central India. Usually served with onions and pickle, it is a complete, filling meal and can be made quiteContinue Reading