Bamboo Massage – What a blissful experience!

Photo Source: Pexels

‘Oh what I would give for a few moments of peace, calm and serenity’. That’s a thought wriggling through the minds of most of us today. Among the chaos of everyday life, maintaining a healthy balance between the mind and body is often a challenge in itself. For most of us, when the day ends and we retire to our beds, our first thoughts are not of the relaxation our body is experiencing, but of planning the activities we are supposed to do the next day. Such are the levels of stress and hustle bustle our life goes through with each passing moment.

Imagine taking a break from all of it; just unplugging the constant blabbering of your mind and feeling lost in the moment. Imagine if for some time, you could stop thinking everything else and just be taken over by sensations, peace and quiet. Just the thought of it makes me want to lie down, close my eyes and listen to my favorite music. This is the bliss many people refer to as meditation or nirvana. But for people like me, achieving total silence of the soul through calming your thoughts is easier said than done.

How great would it be if every time one feels over-burdened with worries, one could just forget their tensions for a few hours and pamper themselves with aromas and soothing surroundings?

If you think so too, Bamboo Massage is surely the thing for you.

I tried it out recently at my friend’s suggestion and it was an experience of a lifetime. In bamboo massage, pre-oiled bamboo sticks of various sizes are rolled over your entire body. Different levels of pressure are applied to different parts of the body to provide maximum relaxation and it helps to relieve the tension of your muscles and improve blood circulation. It is a deep tissue massage which helps people calm down and replenish their energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It is especially beneficial for people who experience acute neck and upper back pain. It is also recommended as a cure for anxiety and depression. Also, the oils used in this massage are famed to release endorphins. These hormones are the body’s natural pain killers. If you crave for a relaxing spiritual experience, this massage can help you there too. There are amazing beauty benefits of Bamboo massage too. It’s supposed to provide natural benefits like fighting cellulite, detoxifying the skin and toning of the muscles.

All in all, bamboo massage stems from the notion of a simple oil massage where the aim is to make the receiver relax his body, mind and soul. But, the use of the bamboo sticks adds a magical touch to the whole activity and takes the entire experience to a different level. You really have to try it to believe me!

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