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Rumali Roti

Roti or Indian flat breads have many variations and colors and Rumali Roti is a favorite among them. The name explains all about its looks and texture. Rumal is an Indian translation of handkerchief and this roti is as thinContinue Reading

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Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Pizzas may be prepared with enormous varieties of toppings whether vegetarian or non vegetarian. This is an easy recipe to prepare pizza with barbecued chicken topping. It is an alternative to usual tomato sauce based pizzas which is sure toContinue Reading

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Lacchha Parantha

Paranthas are one of the most liked Indian flat breads and are made with a lot many variations. Lacchha Parantha is a popular kind of parantha from the Northern regions of India. It is a layered parantha which can beContinue Reading

Chicken Chow Mien
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Chicken Chow Mien

Chow Mien is a variety of stir-fried noodles tossed with vegetables and with or without meat or chicken. Chow Mien is popular throughout the Chinese diaspora and appears on the menus of all Chinese restaurants throughout the world. This isContinue Reading

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Besan ka Parantha

Besan ka Parantha is a type of Indian bread made with gram flour (besan) combined with wheat flour and added with spices. This is cooked on griddle with oil or ghee. This is a rich source of iron as itContinue Reading

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Tadka Masoor Dal

Sometimes a simple dal can bring so much taste to everyday food. Dals are a major part of Indian Cuisine and they’re made in different forms all over the country. This recipe yields tasteful Tadka Masoor Dal that you canContinue Reading

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

My all time favorites, Burrito bowls are packed full of flavor, are easy to make and fill the tummy perfectly. Rice, black beans (rajma), salsa sauce, and choice of veggies or chicken make for the ultimate meal. Especially good forContinue Reading

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Pasta Alla Norma

Pasta can be cooked in many varieties in Italian cuisine. This isĀ an easy recipe to prepare Pasta alla Norma which is basically a combination of pasta and eggplant (brinjal). This dish may be served as main course or even asContinue Reading