Herbal Fair (Minty Basil Orange Drink)

Minty Basil Orange Drink
Photo Credits: Ravi Talwar

Bringing the unique flavors of basil, mint and orange juice together, minty basil orange drink or Herbal Fair is a healthy concoction that’s delicious, is a good treat for the skin and is good for digestion. It has a very cool effect so this drink is a must have for summers.


  • Orange juice (Fresh or Packaged)       2 cups
  • Fresh Basil leaves (Tulsi)                    10 – 15
  • Fresh Mint leaves (Pudina)                 3 – 5 for the drink + 2 for garnish
  • Crushed ice                                       1 cup


Note: Use only a few mint leaves otherwise the drink will turn bitter.

  1. Put mint leaves, basil leaves, orange juice and crushed ice in a blender and blend to smoothness.
  2. Take two long glasses and pour the drink into them. Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2

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