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Posted By Madhu Talwar

Besan ka Parantha

Besan ka Parantha is a type of Indian bread made with gram flour (besan) combined with wheat flour and added with spices. This is cooked on griddle with oil or ghee. This is a rich source of iron as itContinue Reading

Posted By Ankur Khandelwal

Taro Leaf Snack

This is a delicious and light snack made with Arbi leaves which are also called Taro leaves. Dressed in a simple gram flour (besan) batter and double-cooked (steamed and fried), this snack is sure to make for a refreshing accompanimentContinue Reading

Posted By Sukriti Taneja

Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi is an Indian dish that can be cooked in a variety of ways. Various versions of the Indian Kadhi include Sindhi Kadhi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Punjabi Kadhi and more. This recipe yields a tangy gram flour and curd gravy withContinue Reading

Posted By Sukriti Taneja

Besan Cheela

Besan Cheela is a quick make, yummy and filling breakfast option that can also be had as a snack at any time of the day. A tasty blend of besan, onion, green chili, fresh cilantro and spices, you can also callContinue Reading