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Coconut Chutney

You will hardly find a South Indian dish served without Coconut chutney. Be it Dosa, Vada, Idli or Uttapam, this chutney makes a South Indian meal complete. There are many ways to make this chutney at home and it isContinue Reading

Posted By Madhu Talwar

10-minute Coconut Rolls

Have you ever had a craving for something sweet but nothing to satisfy it quickly? Or have you had unexpected guests over with nothing sweet to serve quickly? Well the common factors in both these questions is “sweet/dessert” and “quick”.Continue Reading

Posted By Ravi Talwar

Mango Coconut Rice Pudding

Got some leftover rice? Can’t figure out what to do with it? Why not turn it into an amazing pudding! Rice pudding is one of the most liked puddings globally. This is a fabulous rice pudding recipe with a twist ofContinue Reading

Posted By Sukriti Taneja

Triple B’s (Banana-Berry-Bites)

Delectable sweet treats made with banana slices covered in chocolate and then rolled in coconut chunks, dried berries and peanuts… simply yum! This recipe yields awesome little bites that taste even better when served at room temperature (that way theContinue Reading

Coconut Mousse
Posted By Sukriti Taneja

Coconut Mousse

Bet you haven’t tried this one! This coconut flavored mousse is a testimony to the amazing combination unique flavors can make. If you love coconuts and cheese, you should definitely make this delightful mousse and please your senses. Ingredients FreshContinue Reading