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Meat Darbari
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Meat Durbari

Meat durbari, as evident by its name, was one of the favorite dishes of royal people of Mughal regime and was one of the most demanded delicacies by nawabs of Lucknow-India. This aromatic and yummy mutton delicacy is a favorite among most non vegetarianContinue Reading

Meat Curry
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Lamb Curry

Spicy non vegetarian curry that can be served with any bread or even rice, this curry can be made with any meat (Goat or Lamb) and with any cooking style as per regional variations. Perfect main course gravy for muttonContinue Reading

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Achari Gosht (Pickled Mutton)

Tangy-pickly tasting mutton, Achari gosht or pickled mutton is a fabulous cuisine for non vegetarian lovers who like to include pickles in their meals. This awesome dish originated in Punjab-India is popular for its spicy and tangy taste. Ingredients forContinue Reading

Keema Matar
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Mutton Keema Matar

A favorite among non vegetarian lovers, Keema Matar is best served with rumali or tandoori roti. Though it sounds complicated, it is actually quite easy to make at home. Moreover, you can make it with any minced meat like goat,Continue Reading